Chaos Cooking is an international social community centered around cooking, conversations and meaningful connections. Our staple event is called a “Chaos Cooking Social”. Everyone brings the ingredients for one dish. All recipes must be finished and space returned to original condition by the end of the event, while everyone is socializing, enjoying drinks and eating tasty dishes. Imagine a 30-150 course meal where your dish is one of them.

We have solid communities in 20 major cities and members in 350 more.

You can either create your own event or join your neighbors.
You bring the ingredients to make a recipe for everyone to sample, a drink of your choice, and a big smile.
Everyone cooks together, while socializing and enjoying delicious food throughout the event.
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We take people away from their computers and encourage real face to face interactions.
We have a trust system that makes it safe and comfortable to invite new faces into your home.
It's simple!

Donate to help sustain the costs of this project.
Volunteer to help with administrative tasks, media contacts, translation, Ruby programming.
Invite people you trust.
Refer businesses that would like to give away products to our members or help sponsor us.

There are a couple of us really dedicated to changing the social norm and we have been personally funding this project. We are passionate about connecting good people together. We've found that cooking, drinking and talking together in our homes, is the best way to create these bonds.

Thumbs Up: You are confirming that you have met this person and trust their integrity. This will raise their exposure to other community members.

Thumbs Down: You are confirming that you have met this person and feel they are an untrustworthy person and shouldn't be a part of the Chaos Cooking community. They will disappear to you and it will lower their exposure to other community members. If enough people distrust someone, they will disappear from the community.

It is not intended to be a dating site, although we've seen many lasting relationships develop out of attending Chaos Cooking events.

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