"About Us"

The Concept

Good People + Good Food = Good Times

Everyone brings the ingredients to make of dish of their choice. Everyone cooks together and then helps restore the space to its original condition.


Chaos Cooking was born out of my longing for the feeling you get when your entire family is over for the holidays and they are just bouncing off each other while making a feast that leaves you full-bellied and blissful. My girlfriend Margaret and I hosted the first Chaos Cooking on December 8th, 2009, on my birthday. There were 18 of our closest friends in our small Brooklyn kitchen and it felt and smelled like I was home for the holidays. We kept experimenting with adding more people, themes, friends of friends and new faces. It was always different and always an amazing experience.

The biggest Chaos Cooking had 80 people in our apartment. There were people prepping food everywhere, in the garden, on the fish tank, there was a woman making fresh mozzarella in the corner, someone brought his own camping stove, blenders reeled and the oven was always full. Everywhere we turned someone was offering to put something delicious in our mouths. Conversations and wine flowed for 5 hours straight and everyone was laughing and smiling. Near the end we took a group photo and everyone helped clean up. Nothing was broken, our fridge was filled with left overs and our minds with fond memories. I couldn't imagine anything better.

Around June of 2010 NPR and The New York Times ran a piece on Chaos Cooking. Pictures and stories started rolling in of people using the Chaos Cooking concept to build their own communities. We wish we could have been at every one. It was clear that we needed to create a simple way for anyone to be able to experience this gift and thus this website was born. We are looking forward to seeing this concept blossom but most importantly, to cooking with you.

Enjoy the Chaos!
Joe Che